The Story

Twin sisters Mimi and Minnie Bouvèé haven’t spoken in decades! After years of success in show business as kids, one of them left to get married and the other to pursue the spotlight alone. The death of their overbearing and controlling stage mother has caused the two to reunite at long last! As the funeral events unfold, a trip down memory lane results in laughter, show stopping songs, and the spark of sizzling sisterhood! Double the dose of fun, double the belting, double the fabulousness; Double Trouble! Play by Robert Leleux, author of the hit show "Minnie Behind Bars"

Ticket and Show Info

December 16, 8:00pm

December 17, 8:00pm 

December 18, 2:00pm

December 20, 8:00pm

December 22, 2:00pm

January 3, 8:00pm

January 5, 8:00pm

January 6, 8:00pm 


$35 (General Admission)

$50 (VIP Front Row)